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Birdemic: Shock and Horror Review

Before I get going with this one I have to say that It's a slight departure from what I usually do, I will say like any other movie review I’ve done it's clear that I pieced together my thoughts while watching the movie and so to an extent it's all very sequential but I’m not… Continue reading Birdemic: Shock and Horror Review

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Don’t Look Under the Bed – A Review

For no reason whatsoever I just remembered this film exists yesterday and so I decided to review it, when I described it to my fiancee she was sure I was talking about ‘Drop Dead Fred’ because both movies centre around imaginary Friends and their antics and both are probably a bit darker/adult that a kids… Continue reading Don’t Look Under the Bed – A Review

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Scott Pilgrim vs The World – A Review

“Step up your game Scott. Break up the L word… Lesbian? The other L word… Lesbians? It's love Scott I wasn't trying to trick you.” They really went all out to capture the retro game vibe that's central to Scott Pilgrim because they even start in the logos with a delightful eight-bit version of the… Continue reading Scott Pilgrim vs The World – A Review